There’s always a better way.

And just what do I mean by that?

Well, since you asked…

I think the legal industry is antiquated, obsessed with money, and focused on failing masculine models – it’s absolutely time for change.

I believe the future is forward-thinking.

I believe in lawyers that focus just as much on happiness as they do money (because money doesn’t always equal happiness (but it certainly helps).

I believe there’s a better way—one that balances traditional wisdom with challenging the status quo.

I believe that action begets outcome and if you want to see change, you’ve gotta fight for it.

Can I get an AMEN?

If you’re looking for a better way too,

you’ll find my services cater to forward-thinkers like you.


Diversity Partner Mastermind

For law firms with at least 100 attorneys and 20 underrepresented partners.

Eighteen percent. Did you know that only 18% of women are equity partners in law firms? The number is even worse for minorities, coming in at right around 6%.

You want to raise those numbers but do you have the resources and tools necessary to improve the promotion and retention of the underrepresented partners within your firm?

Perhaps you’ve made a start by establishing a diversity council, creating a mentoring program, or sponsoring events and activities that promote inclusion.

In fact, you’re doing everything you can to provide an inclusive environment for ALL of your people, but regardless of your efforts, the numbers don’t reflect your hard work and intentions.

Why Are Your Efforts Falling Short? Because it’s complicated.

Because we’re working against outdated models handed down from generation to generation that have traditionally catered to white male attorneys for hundreds of years.

Because we’re dealing with internal politics, long-standing traditions, and antiquated ideas grinding up against changing times.

And because complicated issues call for innovative solutions and, let’s be honest – there’s not much of that going around in this industry.

Lucky for you, I do complicated. In fact, I’ve cornered the market.

Complicated indeed, but a worthy endeavor and important investment… not only are you paving the way for the people in your own firm, but for generations to follow. This is about more than numbers, it’s about rising together and working towards a positive and much needed change in our industry.

It’s about finding a better way.

The Details:

→ A Diversity Partner Mastermind is a 9-12 month program designed to support women and minority income partners achieve and sustain equity partner status within your firm.

→ Over the course of 9-12 months, 6-10 applicants will be coached and mentored in a customized program tailored specifically to provide advanced business development strategies.

→ The program includes at least one in-person full-day intensive, monthly group coaching sessions, and 1-3 individual coaching sessions. Each attorney is also assigned an accountability partner within the group.

The cost for each firm depends on how many partners, in-person intensives, individual coaching sessions, and overall months are selected. Every Mastermind includes customized program design, professional facilitation, and group coaching, as well as a final written report including anonymous data from baseline, mid-year and year-end participant surveys.

Customized proposals can be prepared based on a firm’s budget or desired program design.

Ready to move your firm or organization onward and upward so we can all rise together?

To find out how a diversity partner mastermind can benefit your firm schedule a consultation call with me today.

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Strategy Intensives

For smaller law firms with fewer than 10 partners.

You’ve designed a firm that you’re proud of and believe there’s so much more potential, but moving beyond your current state of affairs (whatever that may be) has proven to be a real challenge.

You may be struggling to grow your revenue as rapidly as you’d like, or maybe you’re growing so quickly that you’re worried about losing your culture and values – whatever it is, if you want to increase your bottom line while creating a firm and group of lawyers that’s thriving in every area of their lives, I can help.

From income goals and bottom lines to culture and values, I work with small firms that want to be equal parts wealthy and happy.

For those looking for a clear vision that encompasses the individual and group desires of your partners, a 2-day intensive will change the trajectory of your firm.

The Details:

→ Day 1: Observation & Assessment

Day 1 is all about asking questions and facilitating discussions. I’m looking at the collective (the firm) and its parts (the people), so I want to know where you are, what’s working, what’s not working, and of course, where you want to be.

→ Day 2: Vision & Strategy

This is where it gets good and I’ll tell you why…I have a gift that most don’t. After spending a day with you and your partners, I can see where you collectively want to be in the next 5-10 years. I see it clearly and I see the path to get you there.

StrengthsFinders® calls it Futuristic, most of my clients call it “genius”, but I call it my superpower. I can literally take all the parts and map out a picture and path to success.

Assuming you love the plan that reveals itself (and I’ll bet you do), we’ll then work on a strategy map to accomplish your vision.

Intensives start at $7,500

If you’re looking for even more support, an annual retainer will give you the luxury of knowing that your vision and strategy isn’t just an idea—it’s a tangible result that you’ll start to see each and every day.

Retainers start at $6,000 and are exclusively reserved for firms that have gone through a Strategy Intensive.

To find out if a Strategy Intensive is right for you, schedule a consultation with me today.

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Speaking & Workshops

If your organization is tired of the same old boring talks (we’ve heard them all, right?) and looking for something different, we might be a good fit.

Think straight shooter meets witty irreverence topped with just enough fancy-pants corporate to please the part of you that secretly enjoys raiding the office supply closet on your lunch break.

Whatever our topic know that I take a holistic approach that marries fact and emotion in the very best way.

I’m obsessed with kindness and compassion and believe in a better world – that’s what drives me, fuels my determination, and colors my vision for the future of our industry.

Sweet as pie, but I’m also one of the most competitive and ambitious women you’ll ever meet – human juxtaposition at its finest.

Prices start at $1500.


→ Advanced Business Development Strategies

→ Asking For Business

→ Life & Law PlanTM

→ Mastering Motivation

→ Mindfulness and Meditation For Attorneys

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