The complete package for lawyers who want to accomplish Really Big Things.

Ready for bigger and better?

Join a group of other women attorneys who know exactly what you’re going through and slay your dragons together. Navigate challenges using the collective intelligence of your peers and accomplish your goals faster with ongoing strategy as provided by me, slayer of dragons.

Beyond your book of business, more than the money in your bank account, and past that prestige we so desire, I’m talking happiness, fulfillment, and balance.

Yes, you can be a highly successful attorney with a full personal life and when you have ongoing support from me and a posse of like-minded women who have your back, you’ll navigate your career-life issues with ease and stay accountable to achieve sustainable results.

Who’s It For?

Aside from wanting to accomplish those Really Big Things, the Mastermind is for lawyers who are dead serious about making changes and scaling up. It’s for those who enjoy being connected with others because in my house, we find power in the collective and in showing up to share – there’s no take without a little give.

What’s The Goal?

As your fearless leader, I have only one goal, and that’s to see you achieve yours (#fistbump). The goal of the group, however, is to support the individuals within. Wanting to move up the ladder, to grow your book of business, or to pivot in your career? We support that.

Seeking a better work-life balance, a community of peers who ‘get you’, and an ambitious board of advisors to help you navigate your issues and stay accountable? We sure as hell support that.

Details, Please?

If you’re looking for a highly structured program, you’re in the wrong place. The beauty here (and where the big magic happens) is in the free-flowing nature the Mastermind adheres to. It allows for flexibility and customization (because life is kind of unorderly) which fosters a safe space that’s conducive to massive breakthroughs.

It’s kind of unreal.

Here’s what you get:

12 months of ongoing support from the group and from me. Imagine belonging to a group of women who get you and on a very deep level, get your struggles. How amazing would it be to tap into this hivemind when you hit a wall, come up against something that seems insurmountable, or stumble and need the hands of your fellows to pull you up? It’s priceless.

2 in-person group retreats or “intensives”. Because who doesn’t want to hang out with a bunch of badass ladies and hash it all out? Away from distractions, away from the stress, ensconced in a bubble of mastermind brilliance while we help you figure things out.

Monthly coaching sessions with the Mastermind group. Tap into the power of the hivemind and harness the collective intelligence of your group. Come clean, go big, and take your newfound board of advisors for a test drive. We’re here for you, so go on… tell us what you need and you shall receive.

Monthly individual coaching sessions. Not to brag, but I’m damn good at what I do and you, my friend, will benefit from my out-of-the-box thinking. I’ve ventured into other industries and businesses to curate the best and most effective ways to help attorneys like you do things that are big. Really. And extra bonus, this is an offer that’s totally exclusive to mastermind participants – there’s no other way to get ongoing 1:1 coaching sessions with me.

Ongoing email support throughout the year. Need some quick advice or a neutral third party? My door is always open for my Mastermind mavens.

Logistics aside, the bottom line is this: if you’re ready for change, for Really Big Things, and an experience that’ll ignite your drive and renew your passion for your legal career, the Mastermind is for you. All day long, sister. You’re not going to believe how happy you can be.


And, what kind of lawyer would you be if you didn’t have at least 1 objection? Most people are simply afraid that this won’t work for them but maybe you’re grappling with something else?

Apply anyway and during our call (it’s actually a mutual phone interview) we’ll hash it out. If you’re not the right fit, I’ll let you know – I’m obsessed with my clients achieving Really Big Things and I want your results more than I want your money. If you don’t belong here, it’s not my job to convince you otherwise.

So? Are you ready to change the course of your future?

Let’s slay some dragons, shall we? 

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