The first planner designed just for attorneys.

Busy. Exhausted. No time for yourself or your family.

Overwhelmed, yet feeling like you’re not accomplishing anything.

Waking up in the middle of the night, worrying about what you haven’t finished.

This is just the life of a lawyer, right?
Despite everything you learned in law school and on the job, you probably weren’t taught one simple—yet massively important—thing:

How to integrate and plan for the busyness of life and law.

Without this know-how (and most lawyers don’t have it), you feel like you’re failing at everything all the time. You feel pulled in a million different directions.

No matter how hard you work, you always feel behind.
Despite everything you learned in law school and on the job, you probably weren’t taught one simple—yet massively important—thing :

How to integrate and plan for the busyness of life and law.

Without this know-how (and most lawyers don’t have it), you feel like you’re failing at everything all the time. You feel pulled in a million different directions.

No matter how hard you work,you always feel behind.
Not only does this “typical overstressed, overwhelmed lawyer lifestyle” affect your performance at work (and your likelihood of getting promotions and earning more)...

Not only does it massively impact your job satisfaction, your physical health, and mental well-being...

It also takes a toll on your personal life as well. How can your loved ones relate to you when you’re always relating to your work, even when you’re not at work?

How can you give yourself a break and actually go on a date or meet up with friends when you’re worried about everything you have to do?

Regain Control of Your Life & Legal Practice
with the Life & Law Planner™

Without a planning system that takes into account your hectic life, you’ll always feel behind and never seem to find the time to focus on what matters most to you.

Developed by an attorney for other attorneys, the Life & Law Planner™ system helps you manage every aspect of your busy life and practice so that you can plan for and handle your workload with ease while also focusing on your professional goals and personal priorities.

When you use the Life & Law Planner™ system, you’ll learn how to find time to:

  • Focus on business development to grow your book of business
  • Follow a clear plan to help you get promoted within your company
  • Go to yoga or finally take a fully-unplugged vacation (even if you haven’t for over a decade)
  • Finally write that book you want, or create a side business that will give you multiple streams of income
  • And, most important, be able to be more present when you spend time with your family and friends

The Life & Law Planner isn’t just an incredibly well-thought-out planner. It’s also an entire planning system to help you plan your year, months, weeks, and days.

A combination of a “weekly” and “daily” planner, with priority task lists and a place to budget for and capture your time, you’ll quickly learn how to run your day as opposed to letting it run you.

This might just be the lowest-cost, highest-return investment you ever make in your entire legal career. Let the Life & Law Planner starting work for you!

2020 Collection
A solution for busy attorneys

Kristin Tyler

This planner is perfect for helping me stay on track with my big-picture goals throughout the year and not getting distracted by the day-to-day (although there's room for that too). Heather's planning system is exactly what busy lawyers need. It doesn't hurt that it's also beautiful!

A planner that works!

Nancy Stabell

AT LAST! A planner that works for me and my daily rhythms. I have never had a planner that fit with my work requirements and helped me stay organized and focused on my priorities throughout the week. Of course, it is by a lawyer for lawyers. I am seeing a huge uptick in my productivity. Heather, thank you for your ingenuity and creativity!!!

Thank you!

Anne Hydorn

The Life & Law Planner is an indispensable tool. I finally have a planner that is wholly integrated with a method for keeping me organized and on task for achieving my goals.

A gamechanger

Autumn Witt Boyd

The Life & Law Planner has been a gamechanger for my practice. I no longer feel totally overwhelmed by my to-do list, because each day I can evaluate my schedule and prioritize the tasks the must be done, and the time I actually have to do them.

Meet the Creator


Heather Hubbard is a former partner, practice group leader and diversity committee member of an AmLaw 200 firm based out of Nashville, Tennessee.

During her legal career, Heather was honored by Best Lawyers in America -- Patent and Intellectual Property Litigation and Copyrights and Trademarks, SuperLawyers, Benchmark Litigation, and Managing IP Stars. She received the ABA Entertainment Law Initiative Award and was named one of Nashville’s 40 Under 40 by the Nashville Business Journal.

A Fellow in Tennessee Leadership Law and the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity, she now enjoys being on the other side of the podium presenting to groups such as LCLD and the ABA Leadership Academy.

Speaker & Coach

In 2014, Heather decided to leave the full-time practice of law to establish her own coaching and consulting company. Through individual and group coaching, retreats, workshops and online programs, Heather provides personalized solutions for attorneys seeking more success and satisfaction in their legal careers.

Combining her legal and management background with her innate ability to relate to others in an authentic and approachable way, she is respected and well-liked.

Her weekly podcast, Hustle & Flow with Heather Hubbard, was recently named a Top 25 podcast by the ABA Journal.

Offering real talk and practical solutions, Heather is a breath of fresh air in the sometimes stifling legal industry.

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The first edition is offered only in green and gold in hardcover. If you have additional preferences, we’d love to hear from you as we plan for future years. Feel free to email [email protected]

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We have limited inventory for the first edition and they will be available until they are sold out.

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If you’d like to place an order of 25 or more copies, you will receive $5.00 off per planner in the order.

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All orders are non-refundable. If the Planner arrives damaged, you must contact [email protected] within fifteen (15) days of receiving the Planner and provide sufficient information and evidence of such damage. We will then ship you a new Planner upon receiving the damaged one. If there is no available inventory, we will issue a full refund. Returns and refunds are not otherwise available.

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