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You’re ambitious, wicked smart, and enjoy helping others. You enjoy intellectually challenging work, developing killer strategies, and solving high-stakes problems.

Let’s be honest. You’re  really good at what you do.

You were born for this work.

So why doesn’t your career love you back?

Perhaps it’s the glass ceiling and good old boy culture. Or perhaps it’s just the nature of the beast. Between being on-call 24/7, constant conflict, the threat of costly mistakes looming over your head, mundane administrative work, and a cut-throat, high-pressure environment, the business world can be exhausting.

You’re dangerously close to burnout but the phrase “work-life balance” seems synonymous with settling or scaling back.

And you don’t want to do either.

What you want is success on your own terms.

You want more opportunities to shine, a stellar reputation, and to be considered for every promotion…all without becoming a workaholic or selling your soul in the process.


About Me

Hi, I’m Heather Hubbard and my work is all about reigniting the belief in women that this is possible.

I challenge the way women see themselves (which impacts the way others see them, too) and push them to redirect their focus and shatter the glass ceiling—all in a way that feels good to them.

My approach is honest and direct. It’s rooted in strategy but takes in the whole person. This way you can learn how to make an authentic impact in your career, go big, AND ALSO discover more happiness than you’ve ever experienced.

Because hustle without flow is not sustainable. And tapping into your own sense of inner power and strength is a part of fulfilling your potential.

You can do this. You can have all the success and happiness you desire.  You can create a career—and life—that is deeply fulfilling, impactful, and financially rewarding.

Let me show you how
Jessica Gichner Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw
Pittman LLP
If you are moving so fast, and the noise in your head is so loud that all you are doing is reacting to life -- then take advantage of this retreat to quiet down and figure out how to give yourself room to be proactive instead. I am so glad I attended! I was able to disconnect from work and family enough to really focus. I enjoyed learning from my ‘classmates’; listening to them work through their issues helped me get perspective on mine.
Joy White Morehouse College
I was initially concerned with the cost and whether it would be worth it. I now think the cost was very reasonable given the all-inclusive nature of the resort. I loved the group activities, meditations and focus on mindfulness. I believe this transformational experience will help me tremendously as an attorney and mother.
Estelle Winsett Butler Snow LLP
The retreat allowed me to get in touch with my desires, passions and helped me identify my strengths. I normally wouldn’t take the time to do that. This retreat will give you the time and space to dig deeply into creating a strategy for success while also giving yourself a well-needed break from day-to-day stresses.
Jennifer Bukowsky Bukowsky Law Firm
I really liked the meditations, learning about mindfulness, and getting to know the other group members. It's an important investment in yourself to get away to be able to see the big picture to be better able to assess your best path forward.

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