You are so inspiring!

I don’t know about you, but last week was crazy busy! But it was SO rewarding and inspiring. Between the free goals call, individual coaching, first class in my 4-week meditation course, launch of the Goals Re-Imagined program and Vision Board Workshop, I got to spend a lot of time with you. You’re ready for change and doing some amazing things. You are so inspiring to me!

Hopefully, I can provide you some inspiration as well (and offer some much needed rest and relaxation). Below, I share:

  1. how to make your own vision board
  2. how to join an amazing group that’s meeting throughout the year
  3. details on the first Drop-In Guided Meditation of the year (it’s this Sunday!)

At the Vision Board Workshop, we had so much fun and set some important intentions for the year. It’s not too late to create your own Vision Board. In this week’s video, I walk you through the process.

I’m getting really excited about the upcoming Goals Re-Imagined program which offers year-long support to help you make positive changes in your life and reach your goals. It’s all by phone and online – we already have a great group signed up from several different states. It’s going to be fun, interactive and supportive. There’s a little over one week left to sign up.

For those of you in Nashville that are looking for some stress-relief and relaxation, come to the first Drop-In Guided Meditation of the year on Sunday, January 18.

Have a great and inspiring week!
Heather ​

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