Do you believe?

Do you believe in miracles?

I do.

I’ve experienced them firsthand. Some have shown up as subtle shifts in thinking. Others in more supernatural forms.

At first I was hesitant to write this newsletter because I didn’t want to offend others with my beliefs or experiences. Religion is a very sensitive subject for me, as I know it is for some of my friends, so I’m overly cautious about broaching the topic in public.

Even though religion can divide us, I believe most of us do have some type of personal relationship with a higher power of our understanding, which gives us faith, hope and strength.

As we approach Easter and Passover, many of us feel more connected to our faith than any other time of year. While some of us practice our faith in conjunction with an organized religion, others follow a more personal, spiritual journey that is not found within the walls of a church.

Either way, with faith comes miracles.

Miracles are possible when we’re not relying on our own strength. Miracles show up when we’re open to a plan far greater than the one we have ourselves.

When we’re afraid, hurt or angry, we’re usually stuck in our own minds. When we move past our fears and society’s limiting beliefs and norms, and we welcome help and guidance from the divine, anything is possible.

Despite having a good upbringing, with a loving family that took me to church, it wasn’t until I hit rock-bottom and began my own spiritual journey that I learned how to really let go and rely on a power far greater than myself to restore me to sanity.

As I shared with you last week, I’m about to begin a 6-week course based on my teacher’s best-selling book May Cause Miracles. Because fear, pain and self-doubt respect no particular religion, this course is intended to help us come together from a place of love despite our various beliefs. Each week we’ll explore the core spiritual principles of love, forgiveness, surrender and gratitude as it applies to different areas of our lives.

If you want to strengthen your faith in a way that is both practical and personal to you, I welcome you to join the class (in-person or by phone). Here’s a breakdown of the schedule:


Together we will learn new ways of experiencing life in a more loving, peaceful and joyful way. We will seek to shed our limiting beliefs and fears that have kept us stuck in unhealthy patterns. And as we embrace a more miracle mindset, we open ourselves up to unlimited happiness.


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