Being in the flow of life

Last week we talked about the importance of hustle. If you want something, you’ve got to go after it with all your heart.

This week, I want to talk about something just as important… staying in the flow of life.

My mantra for a good life is hustle & flow.

All hustle and no flow equals burnout, depression, anger, comparison and loneliness.

You can never be everything to everyone so any criticism feels as though you need to work even harder.

At the same time, because you’re working your butt off, you start to resent everyone around you that isn’t hustling as hard as you or doesn’t appreciate all of your effort.

When you’re too focused on hustle, life is VERY hard.

Hustle needs to be balanced.

The formula for a balanced life is different for everyone, but there is one key ingredient that everyone needs to truly be in the flow. And that is the ability to be present without focusing on the past or future.

Some people find that through meditation, exercise or nature, others through reading, spending time with family and friends or going to church. It allows you to reset, get out of your head and remember what truly matters.

Not only is being in the flow integral to your physical and emotional health, it allows your soul to flourish. When that happens, it gives your hustle purpose and everything you do starts to have meaning.

If you need some inspiration or support on how to be in the flow of life, head on over to “FLOW” – a page dedicated to slowing down and being in the flow.

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Focus on what brings you joy this week and your life with naturally begin to flow!

With love,


  1. ROBIN on August 10, 2015 at 10:09 am

    I love this! Have been working on these lately, and you focused in on two words that make sense with it! Thanks for the motivation.

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