Awaken Your Purpose

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I take personal self-care retreats very seriously and that I’ve been dreaming about planning one for quite some time!

Earlier this year, when I was headed to Kripalu in Massachusetts for a retreat, I shared with you how spending time and money to focus on yourself can actually allow you to show up more fully for others. {Missed that blog? You can find it here.}

Then, in August, I revealed that I was planning a retreat for women to gather in a beautiful setting to relax, recharge and transform.

Well, the day has finally arrived!

Today, I have the pleasure of sharing with you the details of this magical weekend retreat.

Ready to awaken your purpose and restore your spirit?

Join me February 26-28, 2016 at Evins Mill Resort for this special retreat.

As you get away from the hustle & bustle of daily life and settle into a serene natural environment, you will begin to decompress, unplug and open up to a life-changing, empowering experience.

Whether you’re seeking to identify your purpose or deepen your existing awareness, this retreat is designed to nurture, support and enrich your journey.

You will have an opportunity to explore your divine purpose and renew your connection to yourself and your Higher Power. By tapping into your intuition, you will learn to cultivate and express your deepest desires and create the life your soul is calling for. You will also find a warm, inviting space to experience healing and restorative meditations, clear and ground your energy and envision your future.

During relaxing breaks, you may cozy up to one of the many fireplaces, hike on the well-maintained trails or enjoy a massage. You will leave feeling grounded, clear and restored, with a renewed energy and zest for life.

For even more details (including room options and pricing) and to secure your spot, click HERE.

Please note: Early bird pricing is only good through November 15.

I can’t wait to meet with you in this serene setting to nurture your soul and explore your purpose!

With love,


P.S. Thanks so much to those of you that completed the retreat survey. Your feedback was instrumental in planning this retreat! I hope you decide to join us!!!

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