Superwoman Syndrome

Do you suffer from Superwoman (or Superman) Syndrome?

In other words, are you constantly trying to be everything to everyone and look and feel great while doing so? Although this is an impossible standard to meet, so many of us try to be perfect and then end up feeling guilty when we can’t pull it off.

If you’re familiar with this modern day phenomenon, you’re going to love the first video in a new series where I answer your burning questions to life’s challenges.

In today’s debut video, I answer Bridget’s question:

“How do I deal with self-imposed guilt? I feel guilty when I’m not at home with my kids, but if I’m at home all the time I feel guilty for not exercising, focusing on work or spending time with friends. My girlfriends all seem to suffer from this as well. How do we stop feeling guilty all the time?”

Watch the video below to find out my answer to Bridget’s question.



Do you have a burning question about professional success, balance, spirituality or anything else related to the hustle and flow of life? Submit your question here and I might just answer your question in an upcoming video!

Now I have a question for you!

I considered naming the series This Ain’t Your Mama’s Dear Abby. Although that’s an accurate depiction, I’m not sure it’s entirely appropriate… so I need your help. What do you think I should name this new video series? Leave a comment below and let me know your suggestions!

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