Mastering Motivation

I had the pleasure of leading a workshop on the topic of “mastering motivation” at the ABA TIPS Leadership Academy in San Diego this weekend.

I absolutely love working with attorneys and I gravitate towards those that raise their hands to be leaders. They remind me of what is good in the world and our ability to influence others in a positive way.

Here’s the thing with being an overachiever and leader, though…

You tend to say yes to everything and quickly become overwhelmed with trying to be a good professional, parent, friend and community member.

You take on so much that you suffer burnout, stress and anxiety.

While trying to be everything to everyone, you begin to feel exhausted, unsatisfied and perhaps even resentful.

So that’s what we talked about at the workshop — how to stay motivated and lead by example even when you’re overwhelmed.

A favorite tool that I use with my clients is the VIA Survey so it was a no-brainer to introduce it to the Leadership Academy. There were many laughs and valuable insights as the group learned about what brought each other the most joy and satisfaction and explored how to tap into those core motivators in their careers.

I have a feeling that you likely fit in that category – of working hard and wanting to make a difference – so I thought you might benefit from the discussion as well.

Even though we all have natural talents, focusing on them doesn’t necessarily equate to satisfaction.

In a society that is so focused on achieving and doing, it’s refreshing to learn more about what drives us from the inside out.

As I shared in the workshop, I’m very competitive, strategic and forward-thinking. Yet my essence, and what brings me the most joy and fulfillment, is being creative and playful.

When I catch myself being so focused and driven on a project that I’m not having any fun, I know it’s time to take a new approach. Otherwise, I’ll start to become frustrated, snippy and annoyed with the work I’m doing (which isn’t being a good leader…).

Knowing what motivates you on a daily basis is a key ingredient to keeping a positive mindset and being an inspiring leader to others.

Curious as to what your core motivators might be?

Click here to take the VIA Character Strength Survey. It’s absolutely free. You just have to register. (I’m not affiliated – just sharing a tool that I love!)

Are you using your “character strengths” on a daily basis? Brainstorm the ways in which you might use your motivators to find more energy, enthusiasm and bring more positivity to the table.

Leave a comment below — I’d love to know your top “character strengths” and how you plan to start using them to increase your overall motivation and satisfaction.

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