Together we rise


Many of you have been reading my blog for more than two years now. Wow – I’m so grateful!

Whether we’ve had an opportunity to work together or you’ve simply invited me into your virtual world, I am humbled and honored by your presence.

Depending on how you long you’ve been reading my blog, you’ve likely seen my work evolve. Although my mantra of “hustle & flow” has remained the same, my focus and offerings have been quite varied.

Throughout this entrepreneurial journey, I’ve spent a lot of time talking with many of you – asking you how I can best help and be of service to you.

I’ve been listening.


Your voice matters and I take seriously my responsibility to support, inspire and serve you.


Several things have become crystal clear to me.

1. I’m here to serve lawyers – especially females and minorities. If we’re going to continue to attract great talent and remain a respected and noble profession, we have to tackle head on: (1) the lack of retention and promotion of women and minorities, and (2) the unhealthy expectations and environment we’ve created for attorneys. A tall order but one I’m willing to take on.

2.  The legal industry won’t be saved simply by improving attorney well-being. You don’t just need help with more balance and satisfaction. You also want strategic expertise and support when it comes to business development, navigating internal politics, and climbing the corporate ladder. The concept of hustle & flow has started to take on new meaning and you’ll be seeing more targeted support to help you each step of the way.

3. The Language of Joy brand might be a bit more joyful than some law firms and attorneys can handle right now 🙂

In the next few weeks and months, you’ll start to see changes – some big, some small.

I’ll be debuting a weekly podcast where I’ll be tackling tough topics facing the legal industry as well as offering practical advice on how to find more success and satisfaction.

In addition to a rebrand and new website that caters to lawyers, I’ll also be rolling out a few new programs focusing on what you’ve been telling me you need the most help with – starting with career clarity.

Some things will stay the same with a few improvements.

For example, this year you’ll have two opportunities to attend the Life & Law in Balance Retreat at Miraval Resort & Spa in Tucson, Arizona.

The Summer Retreat is scheduled for June 11-14 and open to all female attorneys. I heard you loud and clear. Not all of you are partners but you’d still like to attend the retreat – you want clarity, peace of mind, and a concrete plan for your life and career. This retreat is designed specifically for you.

The Fall Retreat is scheduled for September 24-27 and remains an exclusive opportunity for female partners (with exceptions for approved senior associates and of counsel). If you want balance and satisfaction, but also want help growing your book of business, I created this retreat for you and it will not change from last year.

I don’t know about you, but I’m eager to see what this year brings.

I am hopeful that when we look back on 2017, we’ll remember it as the year we truly committed to rising together.

All my best,


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