The Hustle & Flow Podcast is here!


If you’ve being craving more information and deeper insights from me when it comes to business development and leadership strategies (aka “hustle”) as well as less stress and more satisfaction (aka “flow”), my new podcast – Hustle & Flow with Heather Hubbard – is for YOU.


There are 4 episodes already waiting for you:


#1 – Introduction (my story and what to expect from the podcast)

#2 – Why Attorneys Get and Stay Stuck (the top 6 limiting beliefs that keep attorneys and firms in a holding pattern)

#3 – How to Take Back Your Day (use the priority matrix to get off the hamster wheel and create more time for what matters most)

#4 – Don’t Blame It on the Kids (my opinion on what’s really holding back women in the legal industry)

And coming on Thursday, March 9…

#5 – The Power of Surveys (how to use surveys to develop business, deepen relationships, and improve substantive skills)


New episodes will then be released every Tuesday morning. That’s 30 minutes of free coaching (and occasional hot topic discussions) each and every week!

Go subscribe now so you don’t miss an episode! (Here’s a quick link to the show in iTunes).

If you’re a complete newbie, no problem. Just follow the instructions HERE if you’re on an iPhone and you’ll be set up and listening in no time. If you’re on an Android or another device, you can subscribe for free on Stitcher.

One last thing. If you’d like to help me out, I’d super appreciative if you would:
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My hope is that this new weekly show will give you the inspiration and tools you need to go bigger in life and law.


All my best,


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