Do you work on vacation?

Do you work every time you go on vacation?

I practiced law for 10 years before I took my first vacation when I didn’t work at all.

Huge mistake on my part but I didn’t think it was possible.

I had convinced myself (with the pressure of superiors, of course) that I had to be accessible 24-7, even if I was out of the country, and even if I was on vacation.

At some point, I came to believe that things would completely fall apart without me.

I also told myself the lie that if I didn’t stay on top of things while I was away, I would be completely overwhelmed when I got back to the office.

It’s still my tendency to be a workaholic but I’ve worked really hard to implement boundaries.

I found myself falling into old patterns last week as I was preparing to leave for Hawaii to attend a “Wahine Weekend Leadership Retreat.”

Yes, the trip was technically about business, but I wanted to check out as if I was on vacation in order to be fully present.

Luckily, I caught myself and made some shifts in order to be away for 6 days without worrying about not being available.

In today’s Hustle & Flow Podcast episode, I talk about my experiences with working while vacationing as well my efforts to change.

Listen to the podcast and then leave a comment letting me know:

Do you work on vacation? If not, how do you make it happen?

Let’s learn from each other!


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