Lessons learned…

I recently got back from Wahine Weekend in Kona, Hawaii spending time with some other female entrepreneurs and an amazing business coach.

It was amazing on so many different levels!

The crystal-clear ocean, blue skies, black lava beaches, cool breeze, and relaxed vibes were picture-perfect. And the women I met were so fierce and funny. We shared so many laughs and hugs that I couldn’t believe we hadn’t been friends for years.

But it wasn’t all sunshine and smiles…

I was pushed out of my comfort zone — big time — and made a mistake that I swore I’d never make again.

I spill all of the details and share the lessons I learned from my trip to Hawaii in Episode #14 of the Hustle & Flow podcast. You can listen to it HERE.

Less than a week later the roles were reversed and I had the pleasure of hosting my private Mastermind clients here in Nashville.

We meet monthly as a group via video-conference but there’s just something special about spending time together in-person.

Secrets were shared, strategies were developed, and friendships were formed.

Although I’m not divulging any of that (I create sacred places for my clients!), I am sharing with you a small part of the goal mapping session that I led for them.

If you ever struggle with following through on your plans or figuring out how to create a strategy to reach your goals, you’ll definitely want to listen to my step-by-step guide on how to do so HERE.

And one last thing…

If you’re not into podcasts (or maybe you’ve never even listened to one before), I’d love for you to give mine a try. Even iTunes featured it as a Top 100 Business podcast last week!!!

If you’re on an Apple device, click here and it will take you straight to my podcast in iTunes (it’s free!). If you’re on an Android, use one of the links above to listen or you can find it on a free app like Stitcher.

Have a great week and I hope to see you soon!


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