Dirty laundry (none of us are perfect)

Do you keep things close to your chest? Always trying to portray yourself as having it all together?

Me too.

To some extent, I think it’s human nature to hide our flaws. But I also think that lawyers seem to have created a culture that discourages honesty when it comes to asking for help. We aren’t supposed to make mistakes. We’re held to a higher standard. We’re supposed to be pillars of our community each minute of every day.

And when mistakes are made or attorneys lose hope, we tend to protect and hide those stories.

The problem with this approach is that it causes us to think we’re all alone. That our problems are insurmountable. And sometimes attorneys give up hope completely — thinking they can’t recover or bounce back.

In this week’s episode, I tackle the tough topic of attorney well-being and the impact our “dirty laundry” has on our ability to ask for and get help when we find ourselves in difficult situations.

It’s not a sexy topic but it’s a discussion we need to have. I’d love for you to listen to the podcast and then let me know whether you can relate to the concept of needing to hide your dirty laundry.

Have a great week!


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