Want to be seen as an expert?

Everyone knows that being a specialist can have its advantages.

You can charge higher prices, be more selective in the clients and matters you take, and really hone your skills in a particular area of law.

I covered this specialization concept during Episode 7, The Rich is in the Niche.

But how do you actually become an expert?

Both in terms of substance and from a marketing perspective?

You can be the most well-educated person on a particular topic, but if others don’t know or see you that way, it won’t translate to more clients or better rates.

Similarly, you can position yourself so that you’re seen as an expert, but if you can’t back up your claims, you’ll quickly lose the clients and rates that you’re attracting.

Leveraging expert status requires both substantive knowledge and smart positioning.

In today’s podcast episode, I break down both pieces to the puzzle:

How to become an expert in an area of law where you may not have experience

— AND —

how to market and position yourself so that you’re seen as the go-to person in your area

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How might you leverage an area of expertise to help you advance in your career?

Leave a comment below and be sure to let me know!

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