Asked & Answered (and Retreat Scholarship)

It’s your turn.  

You get to take the lead.  

This week, you’re in charge of the podcast.  

Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy any fancy equipment or record yourself on a microphone (listening to yourself on audio really is the worst!). 

All you have to do is click HERE.

Complete the podcast survey and ask me any burning question you’d like answered.  

Simple, right?  

Beginning today, I’ll be answering listener questions on the first Tuesday of every month.  

And the very first question comes from “T” — she asks: 

How do I make time for my health, emotional well-being and mental health without neglecting my career and my family?” 

I think we can all agree that T is not alone.  

We’re all struggling to figure out how to balance it all.  

In today’s Hustle & Flow podcast episode, I break down how to reframe this question and then share some very specific and practical tips.  

Listen to the episode HERE.

Then head back over here to offer T (and the others in our community) your suggestions and support. 

Speaking of community and support… 

I’m beyond thrilled to announce that I’ve teamed up with a prior Life & Law in Balance Retreat attendee to offer a scholarship to the Fall Retreat 

My mission for every retreat is to create a life-changing experience that empowers women to embrace their fullest potential in life and law.  

By offering this scholarship, my hope is not just to support a female attorney with less financial means, but to also give her the resources needed to increase her book of business. 

As each woman rises, she will hopefully pay it forward.  

Applications are due by August 10 – please help me get the word out to anyone that you think would be a great fit for a Life & Law in Balance Retreat Scholarship so they know to apply.  

Apply HERE. 

Can’t wait to start reading the applications 🙂 



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