#27: Non-billable Purgatory

I’ve talked before on this podcast about the need to watch your time, and when it’s ok to say “No” to certain opportunities you are presenting with. Today I’m revealing the four main categories of non-billable time that you’ll want to plan for in advance, and how you can successfully manage each of them. 

Things you will learn in this episode:

  • Be aware of how you plan and manage your non-billable time
  • The role business development plays in your career
  • Whether or not you should be doing pro bono work
  • How being involved in your community will help build your business
  • The one question you should always ask yourself before taking on any task
  • How to determine how much time you actually have to give
  • How to say “No” – and the unintended consequences of doing this

I also created a worksheet to help you start planning. Be sure to download your free copy by clicking the button below and work through the questions after you listen to the episode

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