Partnership secrets

Ever known someone who was up for partner and didn’t make it?  

It can be soul-crushing.  

You put in so many years of late nights and hard work. You put up with rude and abusive partners, clients, and opposing counsel. All in the name of making partner… 

And then you’re told you didn’t make it. 

You feel betrayed, unappreciated, and angry.  

At this point, most associates leave.  

Why had no one told them that they weren’t going to make it?  

Why firms don’t communicate issues well in advance is beyond me, but it happens every single year, over and over again.  

In today’s podcast episode, Path to Partnership, I’m spilling the dirt.

If you’ve always wondered what is necessary to make partner (and how to find out whether you’re actually on track), you’re going to want to listen.  

I’m not sugar-coating anything.  

I’m walking through the 3 most important steps you need to follow:  

#1 – Know the rules (formal and informal) 

#2 – Build your partnership resume at least 3 years in advance 

#3 – How to campaign (it’s called an election for a reason…) 

In addition to providing very specific details and questions for each step in the podcast, I’ve created a short worksheet to help you track what’s required which you can download from the podcast show notes page here 

If this doesn’t apply to you, but you know an associate attorney – PLEASE do them a favor and share this episode.  

There’s no reason to keep associates in the dark or try to weed people out based on whether they’re able to figure out the system.  

That’s a terrible basis to judge someone’s ability (and widens the diversity gap when women and minorities don’t have the same access to insider information).  

A rising tide lifts all boats. 

Let’s help each raise each other up by sharing with younger attorneys what it really takes to make partner.  

All my best,  



P.S. The Life & Law in Balance Fall Retreat is officially SOLD OUT. As a heads up, the next one is being planned for late April 2018. I’ll let you know as soon as dates and details are confirmed.

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