Cliff jumping

Calm down.  

I didn’t really jump off a cliff.  

I’m scared of heights so I would never do that! 

I have a friend (and amazing judge) who refers to me and some other lawyers as “cliff jumpers.”  


Well, we left amazing careers to pursue something completely different.  

She calls this cliff jumping.  

Others call it making the leap or taking a leap of faith.  

No matter the terminology, there’s an image of falling, possibly to your death! 

I guess that’s why many people refer to my career change as courageous.  

Even though I don’t think of it in those terms, I guess it  is  called cliff jumping for a reason… 

In today’s podcast episode, I’m answering a listener question:  

How did you find the courage to make the leap and transition to a new career?  

In short, I didn’t make the decision lightly.  

It was a two-year process and not one I thought would lead to a career change.  

But once I made up my mind, I jumped without thinking too much about it (or, more accurately, before I could psych myself out).  

Cliffs are high after all… 

To hear my journey and how I mustered up the courage to follow my heart and intuition, listen to the episode HERE.

And if you’ve been thinking of making your own leap  (no matter how big or small), I have a special invitation for you. 

As of today, the second round of the Career Clarity Course beta program is now open for enrollment.  

The program in July was a huge success and I’ve revamped the program based on the initial beta feedback to make it even more powerful.  

During this 6-week program, we’ll cover:  

  • The Big Picture 
  • Identifying your purpose, passion, and legacy  
  • Know Thyself 
  • Your unique strengths, abilities, weaknesses and the baggage you’re likely to take with you when you go 
  • What Matters Most  
  • Discovering your true values and motivators  
  • The Devil is in the Details 
  • What you should really be focusing on when considering a job change 
  • The World is Your Oyster 
  • Exploring the many different options available to you  
  • Game Changer 
  • Creating a career guide and plan to help you move forward (whether you choose to stay or go) 

There are only 35 spots available and registration closes on September 19 (unless we reach capacity before then). 

To learn more, read testimonials from this summer’s beta participants, or to go ahead and save your seat (yay – I can’t wait to work with you!), click HERE.

All my best,  


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