Running on empty

Two weeks ago, I was sitting on my couch drinking coffee and staring into space.

I had so much to do but couldn’t motivate myself to get going.

It was only 6 am but I already felt behind.

I then started berating myself for being lazy and indulging in my luxurious moment of quiet coffee.

Cue the dramatic record scratching sound!

What the….?

That thought was so absurd, I was able to catch myself in the moment and realize how ridiculous I was being.

Yes, I had a to-do list a mile long.

Yes, I had to get on yet another plane the next morning.

But I wasn’t thinking straight.

Having not taken a day off in a month and traveling 8 times in 11 weeks had caused my brain to turn to mush.

When we’re living off coffee and adrenalin (as an attorney, I know you’ve been there!), we tend to lose sense of all reality.

We tell ourselves we just have to get through the day and we power through even though we can’t possibly be delivering our best work. Not to mention the damage we’re doing to ourselves.

In that moment, I knew I needed to practice what I preach.

I grabbed my to-do list and started reviewing everything on the list.

What HAD to be done?

At first, I thought nothing could go. I didn’t have a choice. It all HAD to get done.

But as I dug deeper and forced myself to be honest, most everything on the list could be postponed.

It just made me feel terrible to do so.

I didn’t want to let others down.

Deep down, though, I knew I had to put my own oxygen mask on first.

I was completely running on empty.

And that’s why I took a week off on the podcast last week.

In today’s episode, I share how I completely went off the rails last month (I bet you’ll be able to relate) and the steps I took to get back on track (these can help you too).

Between family gatherings and holiday shopping, I hope you’ll make some time for yourself so you can fully relax and refill your well.

Happy Thanksgiving,



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