Searching for a new job?

If you decided to leave your job tomorrow, how long do you think it would take to find a new one?

A month? Three months? A year?

The answer might surprise you…

In this month’s Listener Q&A, I’m answering Claudia’s questions about job searches, including how long the process takes.

Claudia participated in my Legal Career Clarity beta course in July and made the decision to start looking for a new job shortly thereafter.

Frustrated with the process, she asked if I would give her some tips, which I was happy to do.

Even though I’m answering Claudia’s specific questions, I know this experience is not unique to her.

Many attorneys find the job search process very frustrating.

You may feel alone (and even a bit embarrassed) if your job search isn’t going as well as you’d like, but it’s actually very common.

When you see people making job moves or landing what appears to be the perfect job, it’s easy to assume it just fell in their lap.

But you have no idea what’s going on behind the scenes.

Most people don’t share their job search journey with others, especially the frustration, struggles, and lows.

They only share the highs, making everyone else think it’s easy.

In today’s podcast episode, I share the truth about what a job search really looks like and tips to make sure you’re positioning yourself in the best light.

If you’re even considering changing jobs within the next few years, you’ll want to listen to this episode now so you can know what to expect.

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And if you know of a friend or colleague frustrated with their own job search, be sure to share this episode with them so they’ll get the answers and support they need.




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