Partnership Traps

It’s that time of year again at law firms.

Time for partnership promotions and closing out the books.

It can be an insanely stressful yet exhilarating experience.

There are losers and winners and lots of emotions.

For those up for promotions, either you’re on the high of making partner (income or equity) or you’re feeling the crushing defeat of being passed over.

And for everyone else, it’s make or break time.

What will your final billables and collections be for the year?

Either you’re toasting your success and waiting for your raise and bonus or you’re worried about your lackluster results and worrying about whether you’ll be demoted or get less money.

And the cycle continues every single year.

You never feel safe.

You always feel as though you have to prove yourself over and over again with each new year.

If you’ve ended the year on a low or you want to make sure you start strong for the new year, you’re going to want to listen to this week’s Hustle & Flow podcast.

I’m covering the five common traps that seem to trip up partners the most (whether you’re new or seasoned).

If you’re aware of these pitfalls, you can help guard against them.

And although you can’t always avoid negative news or bad years, you’re more likely to succeed if you plan ahead and watch out for these common traps.

Here’s to putting a bad year behind you or celebrating your amazing success!

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