Want to celebrate my birthday with me?

It’s the week between Christmas and New Year.

You know what that means?

It’s my birthday!!!

(Sorry to make it all about me but keeping reading and you’ll find out why…)

I used to hate having a Christmas birthday, especially in a family that all seemed to be born at the same time.

My brother and grandmother were born on Christmas Eve and my cousin was born on Christmas Day.

(Weird aside — My mom and aunt had my brother and cousin one day apart and shared the same hospital room. What?!?!?!)

And I was born on December 28.

That meant I had to share a birthday cake that no one wanted to eat (pies and cookies were king). All of my presents were combined. And none of my friends were available to come over and celebrate.

Fast forward to the present and the same is mostly true.

But now I fully embrace it and celebrate my birthday for an entire week and tell everyone I know :)

Last year, I stumbled upon a fun holiday and birthday tradition – a vision board party!

I was able to celebrate my birthday with friends as they created their visions for 2018. Nothing makes my Capricorn heart happier than seeing others plan and dream.

I thought I’d expand the fun this year and invite you all to join me!

Here’s what to do:

  1. Listen to this week’s Hustle & Flow podcast episode. I share step-by-step how to create your own vision board.
  2. Grab your free cheat sheet HERE . You’ll get a lot more details in the episode but this will help you remember the high-level steps.
  3. Create your vision board for 2018.
  4. Post a picture on Facebook or Instagram and tag me @heatherjoyhubbard to help me celebrate my birthday 🙂

Hope you have the happiest of holidays and see you in the New Year!

All my best,



P.S. The 2018 Life & Law Plan Workshop was awesome! If you still need to work on your professional and personal goals for next year, the replay is available through January 10. Register HERE.

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