Setting boundaries at work

Do you ever feel as though others take advantage of your helpfulness?

Or superiors (or colleagues or clients) treat you like a child and speak down to you?

Or you can’t trust others so it’s best to keep your distance and not say anything that might rock the boat?

If so, learning to set boundaries can help.

I wish I had learned about boundaries in kindergarten. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn this critical skillset until much later in life.

If you’re like me and never learned about boundaries, we’re going to change that today!

In this week’s Hustle & Flow podcast, you’ll learn:

  • The difference between protective and containing boundaries and why both are needed
  • Examples of what it looks like to have no boundaries and walled off boundaries
  • What healthy boundaries look like
  • Strategies for enforcing the boundaries you set and why follow-through is critical
This week’s episode includes a worksheet to help you better understand and test whether you’re using healthy boundaries.
I’m still a work in progress but learning to set boundaries has helped me reduce my stress and resentment and improve my overall enjoyment of life and law.


I hope you find it to be just as impactful!



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