The future of legal staffing

Ever heard about a new invention and thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

It seems so obvious!

And, yet, we all somehow overlooked it…


Because we get so stuck in our boxes, we can’t seem to think outside of them.

And as I often like to say, lawyers tend to get stuck thinking within a single packing peanut within the proverbial box…

Asking them to think outside the entire box can be paralyzing.

But a small group of attorneys recently did just that and I’m lucky to say that I know one of them.

When my client, Kristin, told me about this new concept, I kept thinking, surely this has already been done.

And although some have come up with ideas like it, this online marketplace is truly unique.

It gives law firms an effective way to leverage and scale (without having to overinvest or worry about cash flow) and lawyers a new way to work (without having to sacrifice their pocketbook or desire for flexibility).

On today’s episode of Hustle & Flow, I’m introducing you to Kristin Tyler – a partner, start-up co-founder, wife, mama, and all around bad-ass.

Her story will inspire you and possibly even change your working life as you know it.

Listen to the episode HERE and let me know what you think!



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