Building a 7-figure practice

Do you ever wish you could just practice law without having to deal with the business-side of things?

I hear this from so many attorneys.

But I don’t think attorneys really dislike business.

They’re just not good at it.

And lawyers don’t like not being good at things…

The solution?

Figure it out, get good at it, and you’ll actually love it!

And, trust me, you don’t need an MBA to make that happen.

Once you understand how business + law fits together, I bet you’ll find it even more fun and rewarding than your current practice.

That’s why I invited Ally Lozano, an immigration attorney in Seattle, to come on today’s Hustle & Flow podcast.

Ally taught herself how to become the CEO of her law firm and went from a struggling solo to building a 7-figure practice.

I love her story and her business and I’m hopeful it will inspire you to embrace the business-side of law as well.

With just a little business know-how, you can completely transform your practice.

Listen to my interview with Ally HERE.




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