The marketing matrix [podcast + free worksheet]

If you’re a law firm attorney, you need a marketing plan.

Whether you’re a solo in a small town or an equity partner at an AmLaw 100 firm, you need to be focused on growing your business.

Even if you’re an associate, you need to be learning these skills.

Which you probably already know…

But how do you fit marketing into your already busy schedule?

You plan ahead, of course.

That’s why in today’s Hustle & Flow podcast, I’m walking you through the many marketing options available to you, explaining why you need to focus on just a few if you want to see results, and then helping you create a schedule so you can maximize your efforts.

I’m also providing you with the accompanying .pdf cheat sheet and Excel matrix which you can get on the podcast page.

Marketing doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming. It can be easy and fun if you have the right plan in place.

You’ll learn how to do that today – listen to the episode HERE.

If you want even more help developing your strategy and staying accountable, consider applying for a 4-month Mastermind focused on business development:

  • Large/mid-size firm group kicks off August 21 (limited to women with at least 7 years of experience)
  • Solo/small firm group kicks off August 22 (co-ed group with no minimum experience requirement)

If you’re interested in either opportunity, click HERE to apply.


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