The topic everyone is talking about

I had no idea how many of you were interested in the topic of fixed fees!

The first episode came out on July 10 (you can listen to it here) but I had so much to cover that I had to postpone the second part until this month.

Little did I know that you had a lot to say about the topic as well.

So many of you reached out by phone, text, social media with your own questions and thoughts and asked that I cover it in part II.

I wasn’t able to tackle everything but I tried to cover as much as possible.

In today’s Hustle & Flow podcast episode, I cover:

  • How fixed fees are impacted by the billable hour requirement and law firm politics, especially in BigLaw
  • The factors to consider when pricing your fixed fees, no matter your firm size or type of practice
  • How the process of pricing fixed fees can help you collaborate with your clients to serve them even better

I can’t wait for you to listen!

I have a sneaking suspicion that you’ll have even more to say so let me know your thoughts and questions.

Perhaps we’ll continue the discussion in a future episode!



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