Walking the Walk (My Cancer Story)

It can be lonely being a lawyer…

Maybe you’re a solo working out of your home.

Maybe you’re an associate in a firm with a few floors of attorneys.

Maybe you’re the General Counsel of a Fortune 500 company.

It doesn’t matter how many people you’re around each day or your level of experience. You can still struggle to know who to turn to for support.

We’re taught to keep it together all the time and figure out problems on our own. We don’t want others to judge us and, frankly, we’re not sure who we can trust.

When everyone else seems to be doing so well, it can be difficult to admit that we’re unhappy, confused, or struggling… or just need a little help.

That’s why surrounding yourself with the right group of people is so critical.

Every time I have an issue come up, I know I can turn to my mastermind for direction, support, and honest feedback.

Without that neutral sounding board, I’d stay stuck in my head and play it safe in my comfort zone more than I’d like to admit.

Had it not been for my coach and mastermind, I probably wouldn’t have shared my diagnosis with you.

I certainly wouldn’t have recorded an entire podcast episode about it – which I did and was released this morning. (You can listen to it HERE.)

I’ll be in Austin next week spending time with them and I know they’ll be a great sounding board for me to get feedback on where to double-down and where to pull back in order to grow the business while taking better care of myself in 2019.

They’re not my friends. They’re not my family.

There are no strings attached – which makes it so easy to show up with all my wild and crazy dreams, as well as my old stories and fears holding me back.

I can put it all on the table without fear of judgment or adverse consequences.

They’ve got me…

If you don’t have a support group like that, I highly encourage you to start looking for one today.

You’ll learn that you’re not alone, that we all have similar struggles, and there are so many big-hearted attorneys out there who want to see you succeed in life and law!

It can truly make all the difference.


P.S. If you’re interested in the Legal Masterminds that I lead, there are 3 ways to find the right group for you:

  1. We’re currently in the process of curating new groups of 4-month Masterminds (open to all attorneys but matched based on experience and needs). These groups will begin in January, but we’ll begin interviewing for them in the next few weeks. If you want to be considered, complete the interest form HERE.
  1. Although my Annual Mastermind is invite-only for current and former clients, I sometimes make exceptions. If you want the chance to be considered for one of the 3 remaining spots, get on the waitlist HERE. If we open up an invitation to apply, this is the list that will receive that invite.
  1. If you’re at a large firm and you’d like to learn more about our Diversity Partner Masterminds, just email my team at s[email protected] and we’ll get you more information.

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