Meet Pankit Doshi

If I’m being 100% real, I probably know less about Asian Pacific American lawyers than any other minority group.


I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve never spent much time learning about the history and issues facing them in the legal industry.


As I was interviewing Pankit Doshi, President of the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA), it occurred to me that I didn’t even fully understand the definition of Asian Pacific American.


I wanted to ask, but I was worried I would look stupid and embarrass myself.


I still feel that way right now as I’m writing this email. What will you think of me? But that’s the tricky part of diversity, right?


We want to be allies, we want to support and care, and yet we pull back when we feel as though we’re going to get it wrong or say something stupid.


I should have just asked…


Because if I don’t know, I bet there are others who don’t know either and genuinely want to correct that wrong.


Because if I’m worried my allyship” is superficial, shouldn’t I lead by example and not pretend I’ve got it all figured out?


I learned so much from today’s interview and I hope you do as well.


If you don’t know the history, current statistics, and issues of concern to Asian Pacific American lawyers, or if you just want to be a better ally, listen to the episode HERE.


Then come visit the All Rise LinkedIn group where Pankit is guest hosting this week – please join us HERE.



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