Dealing with negative feedback

It’s probably not the best idea to tell you that I’ve received negative reviews.

Like you, I take my work and performance very seriously.

So, if you’ve ever received negative feedback (and, because you’re human, I’ll assume you have), you know how it can make you want to run and hide.

It can be embarrassing. We don’t want others to know.

Sure, we might tell our closest family and friends but that’s mostly because we want to hear their assurances that the person giving the negative feedback has no idea what they’re talking about.

Well, I received two negative reviews for the Life & Law Planner and, I’m not going to lie, it stung a little.

I mostly shrugged off the first one.

I accepted assurances from others that it wasn’t a legitimate complaint.

Then, when the second almost identical review came in, I took it personally. I was even a little irritated.

Because it was taking up emotional and mental space, I knew I needed to dig deeper.

I could have said, “They don’t know what they’re talking about” and ignored them.

I also could have said, “I’m a failure and everyone hates my product.”

Instead, I decided to making it a learning and growth opportunity.

That’s what I’m sharing on the podcast today – listen HERE.

Even though I’m sharing my personal experience with online reviews of a physical product, the lessons learned are just as applicable to negative feedback you may receive from superiors, colleagues, or clients.

So, the next time you receive negative feedback, I invite you to neither shrug it off nor take it personally.

Instead, use it as a growth opportunity.


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