Mentorship during #MeToo

It used to be discussed behind closed doors of women’s initiative circles and organizations.

Examples of male partners who wouldn’t go out with female associates alone.

It was a rare story – and often one from many years before – but everyone was shocked when it was shared.

Which is part of why it was so surprising when some men and women came to the Vice President’s defense a few years ago when he said he wouldn’t eat dinner alone with a woman other than his wife.

As female attorneys (and other professionals) know, any corporate or political career hinges on your ability to gain access and opportunities from mentors.

With very few women at the top, that means those mentors necessarily include men.

Without this type of mentorship, it’s very difficult (if not impossible) to succeed.

But now you hear about it more and more…

From articles in the New York Times and pundits on television to private discussions in my law firm workshops and masterminds, it’s clear that what we thought was once in the past is now a very real part of our current corporate culture.

Whether blamed on the “Pence Effect” or backlash from the #MeToo movement, it doesn’t appear this issue is going away any time soon.

In today’s Hustle & Flow podcast episode, I’m sharing my thoughts on why mentorship is so critical to a woman’s success (I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without the many male mentors in my career) as well as what we can do to make sure mentorship continues.

Depending on your gender, age, and role, I’m walking through the steps you can take to make sure women get access to knowledge and opportunities from male superiors.

The good news is most men aren’t engaging in this behavior and understand the importance of true mentorship.

So, in many ways, I think it’s the perfect topic to allow us to bridge the gap and work together to engage in meaningful dialogue that may have a lasting impact.

Listen to the episode HERE.

If you have thoughts on how we can address this issue, I’d love to know.

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