Turn prospects into clients

If you’re like most attorneys, you’re pretty good at making contacts and getting business cards at networking events, conferences, and speaking engagements.

And you’re lousy at follow-up ?


You have great intentions but you get super busy at work and by the time you get around to following up, you’re worried you missed your window.


You have NO idea what to say. You’d like to stay in touch but you don’t want it to seem awkward or pushy.

This is why you need a prospect list.

First, it allows you to put your follow-up on autopilot. Schedule how often you’ll do outreach and then quickly and easily go to your list.

If you build it in your schedule and don’t have to give it much thought, you’re much more likely to execute.

Second, if you take good notes for each prospect AND have a system built out to tell you what to do next, it takes away the stress and anxiety.

You might think a funnel or system is cold and disingenuous. But I’ve actually found the opposite to be true.

When you have a basic framework built out, it allows you to pour all of your energy into being more authentic when you do reach out.

In today’s Hustle & Flow podcast episode, I’m walking you through how to create and maintain a prospect list so it’s easy and effective.

And I’m giving away a free Excel prospect list template.

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