Which career strategy is right for you?

If you’re struggling to achieve the success you want in life and law, it could be that you’re focusing on the wrong career strategy.

There are 3 distinct strategies for law firm attorneys. Do you know what they are and whether you’re following the right one?

Many attorneys focus on the wrong things because they look around and try to imitate others who are in totally different stages of their careers. Or because they’re so dang busy that they don’t stop to ask where the heck they are and, more importantly, where they want to go.

Identifying the right career strategy starts with knowing your current role (which is not necessarily the title your firm gives you) and then being honest about what you want.

Just because you decided to achieve certain markers of success when you were 25 doesn’t mean you still have to pursue those goals when you’re 40 (or any age for that matter).

There is absolutely nothing better about one stage over another. It is not a ladder or a hierarchy. They are simply options for you to choose from based on what you want.

If you’re a subscriber to the Hustle & Flow podcast, you know I’m wrapping up a 3-part series on Career Strategies. (If you’re not a subscriber, let’s fix that stat. Click here and subscribe.)

I highly recommend that you listen to all three and then decide which is best for you:

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