Want to do summer camp with me?

Picture this…

A fun-filled summer with endless sunshine, books on the beach, bottles of Prosecco, late-night laughter, a warm breeze, and business development.


Okay, that last part might have thrown you for a loop but let me share why I think this summer is the PERFECT time for you to focus on business development.

Summer is more relaxed and fun…

It’s about trying new things and being more adventurous…

The pressure is off and you don’t push as hard…

This is EXACTLY the mindset you need when it comes to successful business development!

That’s why I’m offering two mastermind-inspired “summer camp” options to help you chill out, release the pressure, and have fun when it comes to growing your book of business.

Whether you want to visit me in Nashville or spend the summer together online, I’m here to help you discover the best strategy for your unique personality and practice.

Spots are limited and the Mastermind interest-list already got first dibs in May so we’ll likely fill up soon.

If you want to “summer camp” with me and grow your book of business, be sure to sign up today!



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