Balancing ambition and motherhood

I’m not a mom.

But I see those of you who are.

Working nonstop. Wanting to be a badass boss and an amazing mother.

Between logging hours at the office, school, and home, you hardly ever get a break.

You put yourself last and rarely get a moment to yourself.

I honestly don’t know how you do it.

And even though I will encourage you to focus on yourself and stop doing all the things (and occasionally help you brainstorm solutions when asked), I otherwise I try to avoid topics related to parenting because I’ve chosen not to be a mother myself.

I get that when you choose not to step into the arena of motherhood, your opinion is neither warranted nor wanted.

That’s why I invited mastermind sister, Heather Chauvin, to share her wisdom instead.

She’s the host of the popular podcast, Mom Is In Control, and gave a stirring TEDx talk, Dying To Be A Good Mother.

More importantly, she’s the mother of 3 boys, a stage 4 cancer survivor, and successful entrepreneur. If she can make herself a priority, you can too!

I can’t wait for you to hear her story.

** I know many of you listen to my podcast in the car with your kiddos so please note that this particular podcast has adult language and is marked as explicit.**

Listen to the episode HERE.



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