Inner circles of successful women on the rise

This week I’m focused on one thing and one thing only.

Empowering women to rise by helping one another!

Did you know that a recent study from Northwestern University showed that women with an inner circle of other successful women were more likely to earn more money and have higher ranking roles than those with male-dominated networks?

That’s right!

When successful women help each other, everyone wins.

Here are 3 ways you can join me this week in supporting other women:

(1) Check out this week’s Hustle & Flow podcast interview with Nora Riva Bergman. Her newest book 50 Lessons for Women Lawyers from Women Lawyers includes a lesson from yours truly and is intended to provide insider tips and information with other women. Nora is amazing and you’re going to love hearing about her journey as a lawyer and coach. Listen to the episode and then buy a copy of the book for yourself and a woman you want to support.

(2) If you’re in a large firm, reach out to your professional development team and encourage them to attend my workshop this Friday morning at the PDC Summer Conference. In addition to my typical real talk about how firms are failing women and other underrepresented attorneys, I’ll be sharing how they can make a difference by designing masterminds (aka inner circles) to help women like you rise to the top!

(3) If you’d like your own inner circle to help you go after really big goals, be sure to listen to last week’s bonus episode “How Big Are Your Dreams?” and then reply to this email if you’re ready to start playing bigger. I’ll be reaching out to everyone later this week and next to schedule calls to discuss a special project I’m working on ?

Most importantly, believe in yourself and your dreams. It’s difficult to truly support others if you’re not also cheering for yourself!

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