Start practicing your power pose

I just finished a video call with one of my annual mastermind members and she showed me her BIG plans including an accompanying soundtrack – YES!!!

These weren’t little plans. They were B-I-G. I was blown away.

When she saw my jaw drop, she said, “This is your fault. This is what happens when I binge-watch your IGTV!”

And she’s not alone.

Although I was slightly terrified to be so vulnerable on IGTV last week, so many of you reached out to share how it was making you think bigger.

If you missed any of the episodes and need to binge-watch them yourself, you can catch up HERE.

Here’s what I covered during last week’s “IGTV Summer Roadshow”:

  • Time to shine – a behind-the-scenes look at what I’m up to
  • Authenticity – how to find your voice and rediscover your true self
  • Born for greatness – why we settle instead of reaching our fullest potential
  • Perfect timing – the myth of making the perfect move at exactly the right time
  • Confession – how I underestimated you (and me)
  • Your inner circle – the higher you climb, the harder it is to find the support you need
  • Untapped potential – the future is female and we need you

I wrapped up the week of short transformational “video podcasts” by unveiling the details of The 2020 Experience.

It’s epic. It’s never been done before. And it’s going to change lives.

Who runs the world?

You’re damn straight.

We’re ready. We’re in formation. We were born to do this!

To learn more about what The 2020 Experience is all about, listen to today’s podcast episode HERE.

Then start practicing your power pose… because it’s time to rise.

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