Productivity hacks

Let me guess…

You’re super busy and struggle to get it all done.

When you’re pulled in a million different directions, it seems like you’ll never catch up.

There simply isn’t enough time in the day.

If you’re feeling this way, you’re going to love today’s Hustle & Flow podcast episode.

I’m interviewing productivity coach, Mridu Parikh, and her advice is SO good.

Not only does she share her top tips on organization and time management, she shares why you need more boundaries in your life – including with yourself and physical things. This last part completely blew my mind!

If you could use some practical tips to avoid the feeling of constant overwhelm, here’s what I want you to do:

  1. walk away from your to-do list
  2. grab your earbuds and listen to the episode
  3. stop listening to the voice in your head saying you’ll do it later when you have more time… (that voice is NOT going to help you)

Listen now, HERE.

Hope you have a happy, productive day!

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