Money mindset traps

I hope this isn’t too personal, but I’m curious… how’s your relationship with money?

Most of us want more of it, but many of us struggle to believe we deserve it.

Or, we say we deserve it, but only if we work really hard for it.

Or, we complain others don’t value us. We might say that our companies don’t appreciate us or pay us enough. We might get annoyed when people complain about our rates or don’t pay on time.

It’s easy to point the finger and blame others.

But often it’s our own fears, stories, and projections that are at issue.

If we look at our behavior, it often isn’t aligned with what we say about our beliefs around money.

Whether you struggle to ask for what you’re worth, invest in yourself, or trust yourself to make good financial decisions, today’s Hustle & Flow episode is for you.

I’m sharing what often gets in my way, as well as what I see with so many of my clients and prospects.

Listen HERE.

Because money is power and I want you to have more of both!

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