Wish you could reach your goals faster?

I love a big, scary goal!

Seriously. I get SO excited when someone tells me their crazy dreams. Because I think they’re totally possible.

At the same time, I get a little worried when someone doesn’t seem to recognize that their goal or dream may not be realistic within the timeframe they’ve set.

I’ve been struggling with how to balance encouraging people while also being honest about where they are compared to where they want to go.

When you feel like you’re failing or not getting there as fast as you want, it creates unnecessary stress and anxiety that will hold you back in the long run. So, you need to know when you’re being unrealistic…

This past week, I was delighted to read an excerpt from Marie Forleo’s new book, Everything is Figureoutable, that nails the real issue.

She says that you have to be mindful of the gap between your ambition and your abilities.


A difficult topic but one worth exploring and that’s why I chose it for today’s Hustle & Flow podcast episode. Listen HERE.

Have a great week!

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