Career transitions

Are you in the middle of a career transition?

Maybe you’re an associate trying to make partner. Or a new partner trying to navigate all the changes that come with that promotion.

Or perhaps you’re considering a career change. Maybe you’re looking to move firms, go in-house, or leave law altogether.

Regardless of the career moves you’re looking to make, it’s far easier to do so when you have support and feedback from others who aren’t close to your situation.

That’s why I invited Amy Gardner and Keith Sbiral to join me on today’s Hustle & Flow podcast.

They’re sharing about how they made their own career transitions and how they’re now helping others do the same.

At the end of the episode, we also discuss how you can join their 6-month Masterminds next year.

Because I’ll be focusing my time and energy on The 2020 Experience next year, I wanted to find someone I trusted who could offer masterminds for those of you needing help in the areas of career transitions.

Amy and Keith’s masterminds will be the perfect fit for so many of you and I’m so excited to share them with you. I’m even going to serve as a guest expert and perhaps pop-in to the in-person meeting.

Check out the podcast HERE and then submit your interest form HERE.

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