The problem with habits and routines

Have you ever tried to implement a new routine only to fall back into old patterns in a matter of days?

Or, you’ve learned a brilliant new concept in a book or podcast and swear to yourself that you’re going to take action, but you never really get around to doing it or only do it once or twice…

Even when we fully understand the benefits of doing something differently, most of us have a hard time sticking with it and following through.


Because we’re human!

Our brains rely on tried and true neuropathways that we’ve developed since childhood. As soon as you introduce a new concept, it’s going to push back.

As you may recall from Hustle & Flow episode 99 on habits, having awareness and a desire to change is not enough.

Your brain will resist and fight against you each step of the way.

That’s why the only way to TRULY incorporate a new schedule or concept in your life is to make it so easy that it becomes second nature.

Whether it’s a new home-schooling schedule or work-from-home routine, better time management, or any other concept that you’d like to begin incorporating in your life or business on a regular basis, there’s a key to making things stick.

And I’m sharing the secret in today’s Hustle & Flow podcast episode. Listen HERE.

Have a great week!

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