Shift your energy and perspective

Do you find yourself feeling great one day and then anxious and worried the next?

Or perhaps you’re feeling agitated and irritable all the time?

Or maybe you don’t feel motivated to do much of anything other than scroll Facebook and binge-watch Netflix?

Whether you’re stuck in a specific pattern or you’re experiencing a wide range of emotions each day (or, heck, each hour!), that’s perfectly normal.

Even when we try to have the best attitude and outlook, our fears and worries can creep in.

So, what’s the solution?

There are plenty of great tools out there, but I’ve found that meditation has made the biggest difference for me.

I started meditating when I was an anxious and overwhelmed attorney and I’ve continued to stick with it because it brings me such perspective and peace.

I’ve doubled down on my practice during the current coronavirus crisis and it’s made a huge difference in helping me process and release my emotions.

That’s why on this week’s Hustle & Flow podcast, I’ve ditched our regular programming, and recorded some guided meditations for you instead.

Listen to the brief intro to help you learn how to meditate (complete newbies and those who claim to suck at meditating will especially find this useful). You can then listen to the entire episode or break it down into smaller meditations at the following time stamps:

  • A Meditation to Release Negativity [6:01]
  • A Meditation for Grounding [13:27]
  • A Meditation for Connecting [20:43]
  • A Meditation for Expanding [26:42]

Be sure to download the episode on iTunes or your favorite podcast app so that you can have these guided meditations handy at all times, even when you’re offline.

I hope they bring you some peace and serenity so that you can fully show up for yourself, your family, and your community.

Stay well my friends!

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