Growing your business has never been more fun!

Looking to attract and convert more clients in your service-based business?


Then it's time to tune up your branding, marketing, and sales strategy.


Lucky for you, summer school starts soon...


Let's be clear. You're not a newbie, even if you're launching a new service or offer. You understand the basics of what it takes to develop business and grow your client base.


But you struggle to find the time to make it a priority... or none of your efforts are paying off (at least not like they used to)... or you avoid dealing with it because you think it will be difficult... or you spend more time on it than you'd like to admit because you're trying to get it perfect.


If you had dedicated time set aside for 6 weeks... a proven step-by-step process to identify a strategy as unique as you are... someone to guide you and offer support... and actual feedback on your ideas and marketing assets...


Would you be ready to jump in and grow your business?

In just 6 short weeks, you can...

Develop a new branding and marketing strategy (or audit and refresh what you already have) so that you can be confident in your approach


Streamline your offers so it's easier for your ideal clients to say "Hell yes!" and it's easier for you to onboard and deliver exceptional services


Create persuasive messaging that attracts and converts clients so that you can spend less time trying to close sales


Identify the best marketing and sales strategies for YOU based on your personality and strengths


Make the most of what might be a slower time for your business by focusing on those branding and marketing tasks you've been putting off but know will make a huge difference!

Client Testimonials

Kimberly Lopez

Kimberly Lopez

"Heather taught me how to be more straightforward in asking for business and leverage my own strengths. Too often I tried to mimic someone else rather than playing to my own strengths and unique personality."

Mike Abelow

Mike Abelow

"Outstanding program; an intense workshop with expert help from Heather, who really digs in, asks great questions, and helps you arrive at a good strategy tailored for you. One of the best things is working with your fellow participants: it is really helpful to get feedback from them."


Stacey Kujo

"One of the biggest takeaways has been learning how to more precisely articulate what it is that I do in a way that makes sense for other people who might want to hire me. Also, thinking outside of the box in terms of marketing. The creativity and brainstorming that happened was amazing and helped me to do new and innovative things that actually resulted in new clients."


Laura Schrick

"This is a great program! It delivered value and I'm more confident with business development. The program makes a sometimes daunting topic manageable and fun. Heather brings lots of energy and relevant experience which translates to specific, practical tips that are hard to find." 

Stephen Zralek

Stephen Zralek

"Heather has vision and perspective that every lawyer and entrepreneur needs. She helped me formulate a 5 year plan and convinced me that I could meet it in 3. She was right."


Iffy Ibekwe

"Heather is my strategy guru; she can see what I need to do based on my personality. She is so good at giving you the tools to achieve whatever your goals are; she is a cheerleader and ultimate strategist."

Here's what we'll be covering:

July 16 - OFFERS

Identify your best clients and suite of services that will maximize your expertise, ROI, and level of enjoyment



Ensure that your branding is as unique as you are so that you can stand out in a crowded field



Bring clarity and sparkle to your messaging so that your ideal clients KNOW they've found exactly the person they've been looking for


August 13 - MARKETING

Streamline your marketing strategies so they consistently attract new qualified leads who are eager to work with you


August 20 - SALES

Refine your sales process and strategy so that you can easily convert prospects into clients, increase repeat work, and have a consistent pipeline of business


August 27 - MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Develop a clear and actionable strategic plan so you know exactly what to do and when (or what to outsource and who to hire) for the rest of the year. Put that baby on autopilot and let the work roll in!

Summer School Bonus

Unlock the mystery of effectively pricing your offers.


On July 23, you'll get to attend an exclusive, live bonus Pricing Masterclass with Jacquette Timmons, you'll learn how to price confidently, strategically, and profitably.


Typically, $475, you get this absolutely FREE!

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Meet Your Mentor - Heather Hubbard

Heather Hubbard is a former high-powered attorney turned entrepreneur who is best known for her luxury transformational retreats and mastermind experiences.


A fierce advocate of helping women and those in historically marginalized groups rise within their respective industries, Heather is known for her no-nonsense approach, real talk, and practical solutions. She’s also the host of the award-winning podcast, Hustle & Flow.


Prior to establishing her own company, Heather was a partner and practice group leader at an AmLaw 200 law firm. During that time, Heather was recognized by Best Lawyers in America, SuperLawyers, and Managing IP Stars. She received the ABA Entertainment Law Initiative Award and was named one of Nashville's 40 Under 40 by the Nashville Business Journal.


Fun fact: Heather has walked the Grammy red carpet multiple times and has worked with many television, film, and music celebrities. She lives in Nashville with her husband and three crazy cats. She loves traveling, singing, dancing, painting, stand-up comedy, interior decorating, trading stocks, and fighting for what’s right (she’s got her work cut out for her in Tennessee).


Praise from the last cohort

“Great program! You’ll gain the clarity in what you need to do to grow your business--your messaging, niche and business plan.”

“I realized that I never really had a business development plan and was throwing spaghetti at the wall for years, but now I have a new take on evaluating who I want to pursue.”

“There was a great deal of value in this program! I was able to finally narrow my focus AND had a breakthrough in realizing that I'm held back in sales because of imposter syndrome issues. Now I have a concrete plan to work through that issue.”

“While participating in the program, I was able to start thinking more critically on how to focus on sales rather than just keeping my fingers crossed that marketing will convert to a completed sale.”

“Heather has a different approach and was able to personalize her advice in a way that others don't. I was able to identify what makes me different and how to sell that.”

“It was worth it! I experienced more clarity and confidence that “limiting” my marketing to one area doesn’t mean I give up doing other things."

“I was able to develop a clearer brand message that focused on my strengths and geared towards the clients I want.”

“It's a great program to get clear on what it takes to be more successful. I was able to hone in more on what I'm trying to achieve.”

“The program really forced me to look at my own strengths and weaknesses and how those things really impact the way I should go about business development.”

All the nitty gritty details

How does the program work? The group will meet via Zoom each Tuesday from 1-2pm CDT from July 16 through August 27. The bonus pricing session is 1-3pm CDT on July 23. Each session is interactive so you can expect a mix of lectures, exercises, and breakout room sessions. Not only will you learn new skills, you'll have an opportunity to apply the principles to your own business and get feedback from others.


What kind of business is this good for? This program is best suited for consultants, speakers, online businesses, coaches and professional service-providers.


Is this program limited to women? No! This program is open to everyone and both men and women have participated in the past.


What if I have to miss a session? Each class will be recorded and replays will be available through September 30. The goal is for you to implement as you go and get as much feedback as possible, which will often happen in breakout rooms (which aren't recorded). This is not a typical self-paced online course, so you'll want to attend as much as possible and catch up each week to get the full benefit.


Will I get individualized feedback from Heather? Although there are Q&A opportunities during class, there's no guarantee your questions will be answered. If you want to ensure feedback from Heather, sign up for one of the 4 available VIP spots. Those include an extra 30 minutes after each class for private Q&A as well as a 30 minute private coaching call with Heather.


How much does it cost? Your investment is only $1997 which can be paid upfront or in 4 monthly payments of $500. There are also 4 VIP spots available for $2997.


Are there refunds or guarantees? Absolutely not. I hope you don't offer those in your business either!


What if I have a question that hasn't been answered? Feel free to email [email protected] and someone will respond during regular business hours.

Ready to accelerate the growth of your business?

Sign up now so you can rest easy and enjoy this summer instead of worrying about how to get more sales!


$1997 or 4 month pay plan
  • 6-week group coaching
  • Live interactive online Zoom calls
  • Refine your offer, branding, messaging, marketing and sales
  • BONUS: Pricing Masterclass with Jacquette Timmons
  • Limited to 12 participants
  • Pay plan (4 monthly payments of $500)


$2997 or 4 month pay plan
  • 6-week group coaching
  • Live interactive online Zoom calls
  • Refine your offer, branding, messaging, marketing and sales
  • BONUS: Pricing Masterclass with Jacquette Timmons
  • Extra 30 minutes after each class for VIP only
  • Private 1:1 strategy call after program ends
  • Limited to 4 participants
  • Pay plan ($1500 today plus 3 payments of $500)

**Registration closes at 5pm CDT on Friday, July 12**