Simple Courage™

Even the strongest and bravest leaders have their own secret doubts and fears. If you’re ready to to be brave in every area of your life, not just the areas where it feels comfortable, “simple courage” is the answer. As you begin to practice this type of courage, you’ll find yourself doing things that seem impossible now. Eventually, you’ll realize that the path to an extraordinary life is created through a series of small courageous decisions and it’s not nearly as difficult as you think.

Simple Courage, Heather’s signature motivational speech, is available for in-person and virtual bookings. To inquire as to dates and pricing, please contact [email protected].

Praise for Simple Courage:

“Your keynote speech was AMAZING and life changing! Thank you for sharing your story and making such a profound impact in mine.” – Leila Billings

“Your speech was inspiring and poignant! We laughed…there were tears…it was wonderful! Thank you for joining us at AAJ!” – Amy Griggs

“It was amazing! Bravo! My fellow WTLC members are still talking about it.” – Megan Whiteside