A lesson I wish I’d learned much earlier

Here’s something you may not know about me…

I used to be a super reactive hothead.

Even when I managed my emotions in front of others, it still created needless internal drama and turmoil for me.

It wasn’t until my breakdown (aka spiritual awakening), as Brene Brown would say, that I learned happiness was a choice and the practical tools needed to exercise that choice.

If you find yourself upset and angry all the time, replaying stories and conversations in your mind, getting pulled into other people’s drama, trying to control what others think of you, feeling resentful and unappreciated, or otherwise on edge all the time, please know that it doesn’t have to be that way.

In today’s Hustle & Flow podcast episode, which happens to be magical #111, I’m hopeful you’ll find some new tools and resources to help you choose differently.

Although I wish I had learned this as a child, it’s never too late to learn these important life skills.

Speaking of life skills…

I have two important announcements about advanced learning ?

First, if you feel as though you’re everything to everyone and never have enough time to get it all done, this too is a choice.

Lucky for you, next week is the Get It Done Challenge! From April 1-5, I’ll help you spring clean your to-do list so you can reclaim your calendar and your sanity. You might even win a free 2020 Life & Law Planner or trip to Life & Law LIVE in November.

You can register for free HERE.

Second, if you feel as though you’ve hit a wall with business development or just want better strategies, there are a few spots left for my 1-day Business Development Mastermind on April 16.

At the end of the day, you’ll be able to confidently identify your ideal client, niche, and brand messaging, as well as the marketing and sales strategies best suited for your personality and practice. You’ll even complete strategic plan worksheets before you leave so you’ll have a game plan when you get back home.

Oh, and I should mention there is an assessment and some pre-homework… but it’s to make sure you get the most out of the day!

This is a co-ed group with no eligibility requirements. That said, we do ask that you wait for a better-suited program if you’re: not an attorney, starting from scratch, looking for a magic bullet, complain and make excuses, won’t take action when you leave, or won’t actively contribute and support others in the group during our day together.

If you’d love to come to this small group (10 max) working session with me, you can sign up HERE.

Added bonus: Nashville is gorgeous in the spring ???

Hope to see you at the Get It Done Challenge next week or the 1-day Mastermind in April!

Have a great week,


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