Don’t compete. Collaborate.

I see this more and more on social media. Posts that say:

Don’t compete. Collaborate.

Collaboration over competition.

Support, don’t compete with, other women.

I’m over it!

Since when did competition become the new dirty word?

We can be ambitious, competitive, assertive, driven…


…supportive of other women.

It’s not mutually exclusive!

The concept that women shouldn’t compete and instead should collaborate plays into the stereotype that women are only nice or likeable if they’re being nurturing and serving others.

If you ever worry about being perceived as competitive or if you think women who compete are too aggressive, this week’s Hustle & Flow podcast episode is for you!

Listen HERE and then share with a woman who could benefit from hearing this message.

Then go get it. Whatever it is you want, give it your all.

There’s nothing I’d love to see more than you competing and performing at your very best!

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