Growing with your money

I don’t know about you but I love money.

If reading that makes your chest tighten, your eyes widen, or your face redden, I encourage you to get curious and ask yourself why.

Why is it that money seems to be as taboo as sex in our culture? Like religion and politics, it’s a topic of conversation that many don’t feel comfortable having with others.

While most people would like to have more money, saying you love it seems to cross a line…

It seems dangerous, rude, selfish, and shameful.

Which is EXACTLY why we need to be talking about it.

Jacquette Timmons, a financial behaviorist, joined me for this week’s Hustle & Flow podcast to talk about our emotional relationship with money and how that impacts everything from earning potential to saving, investing, and spending.

I learned so much from this conversation including how hiring a financial advisor to help you manage your money is certainly a wise move.

But, if you’re not managing your emotions around your financial choices, no advisor can help you create true wealth or financial freedom (no matter how much money you have!).

As you make more money, you want to invest wisely and that begins with investing in your relationship with your money.

Listen to the interview HERE for tips on how to do so.

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